You guessed it… Only online birth & postnatal support only for a while.

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online therapy and support

It won’t come as a surprise, and isn’t actually out of the ordinary for me to do my birth & postnatal support online, as most of my clients are international and we work via all manner of methods – Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp video & Skype. Whichever works best for you.

online therapy and support
So until the world shifts and changes a little, all work will now be online, with the exception of Mizan, which is a postponement, as I cannot do that one online, though can work through self massage if someone is in need.

To make it easier, I have temporarily removed the in-person options on my booking site, so you are just left with the online options CLICK HERE!

If you are currently working from home, or just taking time to keep yourself safely cocooned away, now is a perfect time to get together online. If I am honest, it is my favourite way anyway, as it saves you travel/parking time!