Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling.
This simple and easy way of helping create a natural hormonal balance.

Firstly, this page doesn’t involve any information as to why, as I have created it for my clients to have an easy reference to how.
I have been sending my clients to many different website links throughout the years, which explain what and why… but if you are one of my clients, we have probably already discussed this, and this is where you will find the easy to follow instructions that I have promised!
Seed Cycling

The first couple of things to think about with regards to the phases:
If your menstrual cycle is regular, then you can follow your period, from Day 1 of your bleed, to when ovulation occurs (approx Day 14 if you have a 28-day regular cycle) for Phase 1.
Then move to Phase 2 from Ovulation to when your bleed arrives again.

If you aren’t regular, maybe you have Ammenorea or are menopausal, then I suggest following the lunar cycles.

When in balance, we would be cycling with the moon anyway.

Your menstrual cycle and lunar cycles in sync would look like this.
Phase 1: New Moon (dark moon) = Bleeding phase (think time to retreat away and stay in your cave on these dark nights!)
Phase 2: Full Moon = Ovulation phase (think high energy and out there!)

Quick Summary:
Phase 1 – 1 tablespoon each of ground* flax and pumpkin seed
Phase 2 – 1 tablespoon each of ground sunflower and sesame seed and an Evening Primrose Oil capsule.

Ground and chucked into smoothies, yoghurts, muesli, on salad etc.
* Ground is important. Ground seeds contain the lignans, which supposedly bind to excess hormones.

I promise it is far less complicated than it may initially seem. I buy bags from a health shop, grind them in my nutribullet, and put an even amount of flax and pumpkin together in one clean jam jar, and an even amount of sunflower and sesame in a different clean jamjar. Ready for me to scoop out what I need. Don’t forget to label each jar though!

For more info on the WHY, this is a good read.