Hypnotherapy for sexual health

Lena MBlog

Woman out of focus, behind sprouting grains

This topic has been very much on my mind for many years, but I have always been afraid to write it down in case it got my website labelled as ‘questionable’ and get it blocked!

The time is right to stand my ground and share what should not be a taboo topic.

Woman out of focus, behind sprouting grainsHaving worked with people with challenges such as vaginismus and anorgasmia over the years, I have thought more and more about how I can help more people through different stages in life, and especially now that young people are growing up with some obscure views of sex, unrealistic body expectations and a lack of sexual intimacy as the norm.
For the people going through the menopausal years just accepting changes as ‘part of the package’, for the survivors of abuse or assault shutting themselves off to keep themselves safe.
These and so many more reasons.

Sexuality is about sensuality for me. There is so much more to it, and our bodies are ours and special and if you feel like it is time to reclaim your body and your sexuality, please do get in touch.

Note: I have worked with many people throughout the years, but to make sure that I am up to date, I am inclusive and as aware as I can be, I am currently doing extra training with https://sexualfreedomhypnosis.org/