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Lena Mackenzie

Most people on here know me only by my nickname Jay.
I’ve gone by this for 14 years, but over time, with more and more lads being nicknamed/called Jay too – I’m done!

Jay KellySo I’ve gone to the end of my birth name, instead of the beginning.

I was christened Jolene, and I’ve never liked it (much to my mum’s sadness, as she chose it, of course – I get that) but I don’t feel like I fit it, don’t gel with it, so I lived with Jay, but I don’t feel it anymore.
So, I’ve gone with Lena.
For a couple of reasons.
Lena is the most appropriate nickname for the end syllable of my birth name. And my great grandmother was called Lena.

And to make up for legally changing the birth name my mother chose, I’m taking her maiden name of Mackenzie.

I’ve done my change by deed poll, and now the paperwork trail begins!
I’ve secured & .com, so at least I can have my name as my web domain still!

Still me though!

I don’t expect Lena to sink in right away for everyone, but we’ll get there before we know it!

Yours warmly,

Lena Mackenzie 😉

About Lena –

Lena is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation & Mindfulness facilitator, NLP & EFT Practitioner, Fertility Coach, Doula, Antenatal Teacher, & Sleep Consultant, specialising in ‘enhancing fertility’ through to ‘postpartum emotional wellness’. She is also a long term solo mama of four daughters, now teenagers/young adults, and has carried two more small people as a surrogate for friends. A member of the LGBT+ community and proud to offer inclusive support to all families.

Specialist areas:
Fertility Hypnotherapy & Fertility Coaching
Sexual Health Support & Sexual Freedom Hypnosis
LGBTQ+ Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support
Surrogacy Support (for IPs, Surrogates & as a Team)
Perinatal Mental & Emotional Wellness & Birth/Postnatal Trauma Relief
Sleep Consultant (CBTi & Holistic Sleep Coach)

Lena is also a Mizan Practitioner (reproductive & abdominal massage) but is currently not practising.

To summarise, she offers inclusive, caring & compassionate Fertility, Birth & Postpartum support for all families. Supporting families for 17 years now.

She is also a Family Guide for Cleo, an employee benefits company that provides support for working families through preconception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum stages. Helping families feel held, heard, and supported.

Lena works online with international clients, and from her clinic in Luna Treatment Rooms in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

If you would like to get in touch about working together, please email