Hypnobirthing Harrogate, Hypnosis for birth, birth fear relief

Hypnobirthing Harrogate, Hypnosis for birth, birth fear reliefWhat is ‘hypnobirthing’ and will it help?
Hypnobirthing has grown into a widely used birthing tool in the last few years.
It is a great tool for giving birth a positive focus, but no single technique should take credit for a woman’s birthing ability. There are many ways to give birth, and hypnobirthing can be used to support you during any birth: water births, cesareans, assisted deliveries, and so on.

Used as a tool to relieve you of fears that have possibly been passed to you by hearing harsh birth stories or watching films and soaps of scary ordeals, then this is one of the places that hypnobirthing can have a great influence on your potential birth outcome.

The breathing techniques or visualisation are great when used instinctively, rather than prescriptively. It can be useful to learn those taught to you in your session/class, and then expand on what feels the most natural to you, and being open-minded to trust your inner instinct on the day of the birth.

For example, your hypnobirthing teacher may have taught you a breathing technique to breathe your baby out in the 2nd stage of labour. But you may have an urge to moo or roar him/her out instead! You may hope for a peaceful birth and may get it, or you may have very strong sensations and a very intense birth… This can be very positive too.

How Hypnosis for Birth/Mindfulness for Birth may help you:

  • It can help you release fears, concerns or anxiety
  • It can help you dispel limiting beliefs
  • It is an incredibly great tool to help induce deep relaxation and quickly
  • It is easier to embed positive birth affirmations whilst in a relaxed state
  • It can help you trust your own instinct and act accordingly

Hypnobirthing is a term for using hypnosis techniques in birth, and when I work with clients I like to integrate NLP and EFT techniques as well as hypnosis. I prefer to consider it to be Mindful Birth Preparation, finding the right way for you personally feel ready, and tuned into your instinctive innate ability to birth.

Hypnosis for birth can be a great tool regardless of how you plan to birth; whether it is a spontaneous birth, induction, waterbirth, assisted delivery, cesarean (planned or emergency). 

If you have previous trauma, it may be worth your while looking at Birth Trauma Relief first.
Or feeling scared or anxious about the birth

What’s next? The HypnoMothering workshop is amazing.
Thriving postpartum, post-natal, hypnomothering, Harrogate, Yorkshire
Imagine there is a tool that can help an hours rest feel like the most refreshing and rejuvenating few hours?! Imagine no more!

So when hypnobirthing we may use suggestions that make an hour feel like a minute… and then when you do the HypnoMothering we do the opposite, for the times where sleep is thin on the ground, we want you to feel like a minute is like an hour.
Do you know that 20 minutes of trance time is the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep?
Join the HypnoMothering 2.5 hour workshop for this, plus tools to clear negative feels, relieve anxieties, and help you regain a new balance in life after birth.

For those who may be suffering from exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, loss of identity… and those who would like to avoid that.
We never mix post-natal mums with ante-natal mums, so I run workshops for both.

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