happy balanced wombWomb health matters, wherever you are on your menstrual path.

Here you will find more information on Mizan Therapy (and the ‘what to expect at your first appointment‘ post), Seed Cycling information for natural hormone support, womb meditations.

PLEASE NOTE: My diary is closed to new Mizan clients, apologies. You can find practitioners near you on the main Mizan Therapy website.

Despite not working as a Mizan therapist right now, I am still the biggest advocate of this amazing fertility massage (from puberty, for menstrual issues, for balance, postbirth, perimenopause, postmenopause)

What is Mizan therapy?

Mizan (sounds like Milan) is essentially an abdominal massage. Focusing on the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen and the lower back. The massage helps to bring a fresh, oxygenated blood supply to the reproductive organs and surrounding tissues, the digestive system, and relieve tension, built-up stress and stored emotions.

Mizan Therapy
Mizan is an incredible therapy for people with wombs, for of all stages in life.
Used by women for balancing their cycles, and bringing them to a regular interval, easing away the cause of PMT, painful cramps, and other unnecessary (common, but not normal) symptoms. So many women and people with wombs have a womb that is tilted or out of balance physically, and this has a knock on effect on so many of the body’s systems.
Many people live disconnected from their womb, with negative feelings towards their menstrual cycles.

Mizan helps bring tonality back to the surrounding tissues and ligaments, to help bring the womb back into its natural alignment.

Amazing during the reproductive years, as it helps whilst conception is the aim (natural and assisted), and also utterly amazing on the run up, going towards, or beyond menopause. Also used for prolapse care, fibroids, PCOS, to name but a few.

Mizan is known to make great shifts in a person’s health, and reconnecting with your womb is one of the most empowering things you could do for yourself.

If you are going through IVF, you can do Mizan up until embryo transfer, then your practitioner is hands-off. They are still there for emotional support though.

pregnancy and birth, harrogateCan I have Mizan when pregnant?
Further on in pregnancy, Mizan is adapted for pregnancy massage, and is a wonderful way to connect inwards with your baby and bring luscious oxygen to the area.

Mizan, simply put, is a way to connect to the beauty and power that is within you, by reconnecting you with your womb. A wonderfully efficient tool to have in your health kit.


Take a look at the ‘What to expect at my first Mizan appointment‘ post, for more details.

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