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To keep things simple, I have a price for 1st Appointments for new clients, and just one other price for subsequent, follow-up sessions.

New Client 1st Appointment is £125 for a 90min session
Subsequent Appointments are £55 for a 45 min session

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Chair in front of shelves full of books

I have had some of THE BEST clients over the years. I am truly honoured to have been able to support and work with them. Check out this link if you would like a client view of how I work –
Testimonials and Kind Words from clients

How I work in a therapeutic manner varies from person to person and what their needs are.
Here is a little detail about some of the tools and techniques that I may use when supporting you.

Where do I work? Currently, I am purely online – this has opened me up to be able to work with clients from all around the globe. From UK, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Amsterdam, France, Spain, Australia, the US and many more locations.
My default booking is online via Zoom.

This link is IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions; please do have a read!
Some answers to Frequently Asked Question can be found here: FAQ


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Workplace Support
Last, but not least, does your workplace support you in your fertility, parenting journey? If not, here is why they really would benefit from having a Support in the Workplace policy.

Look out for the smart companies that engage in support through a company that I am a consultant for: Cleo for working families.

If you would like to get in touch directly and ask some questions, see if I am the right support for you, please drop me an email at hellolenamac and let’s chat.