Sexual Health and the freedom to embrace sexuality/sensuality should not be a taboo as it is.
Your mind is your most powerful sexual organ.  I’ll say that again… your mind is your most powerful sexual organ.

loving kindness meta meditationHaving worked with people with challenges such as vaginismus and anorgasmia over the years, I have thought more and more about how I can help more people through different stages in life, and especially now that young people are growing up with some obscure views of sex, unrealistic body expectations and a lack of sexual intimacy as the norm. The lack of care for people, such as those approaching or in the menopausal age range, simply written off as ‘to be expected’ is a bugbear, as this simply is not true.

Sexuality is about sensuality for me. There is so much more to it, and our bodies are ours and special and if you feel like it is time to reclaim your body and your sexuality, please do get in touch.

I am inclusive and trauma-informed (and experienced) and offer a safe and gentle space to make shifts and release that which no longer serves you.

How do I work with people with sexual health (whether personal or in a relationship)?
I am primarily a Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist, but this doesn’t mean that I induce trance and just talk to you about how I view healthy sexuality – it means that we work in a relaxed way, and all treatments are tailored to your individual needs. We debrief and talk about where you are at right now, what has brought you to have the sessions with me, talk about the ideal and desired outcome, and work interactively, by clearing blockages, whether they are unknown beliefs, known experiences, whatever they are. How we do this is totally dependent on the individual.
Interestingly, we can even work pretty much content free if that is what is needed.

Some of the areas that I support are:

  • Self-confidence
  • Anorgasmia
  • Vaginismus
  • Menopausal experiences and symptoms
  • Lack of libido/interest
  • Mis-matched sex drive between partners
  • Easing the symptoms from traumatic experiences
  • Shame, guilt, any other unwanted thoughts or feelings around intimacy and the body that you were born with
  • Normalising sexual function
  • Partner communication
  • Self-esteem & body confidence
  • Fears of pregnancy or contraception concerns
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction

Who do I work with?
Although the majority of the clients that get in touch to work together are CIS female-identifying clients, I also support people with issues such as erectile dysfunction, PE, guilt & shame, relief from trauma etc.

For the beautiful transgendered and intersex folx out there, I am trans-friendly and intersex knowledgeable. I say “knowledgeable”, but must explain that I am not medical, nor am I a specialist in this area – There are so many different variations of the human body, and I want you to know that I am a safe, non-judgmental, and no drama space. You are the expert in your body.

How many sessions are needed?
The answer is not straightforward. There is no one size fits all.
The majority of clients have between 3-6 sessions with me, some less, some more.

I would be honoured to help you to find a new way of feeling/being, and if you would like to book a session, you can do so here:

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