Life after birth is often a crash course in parenting your new baby. Whether it is baby number 1 or baby number 5, they’re all different and life is different for you each time.

Some parents feel like they need a space just to share the story of their birth, where they are heard and not compared. I can provide that for you, or signpost you to midwives who do debrief sessions if you have questions that you would like to be answered.

It can feel a bit sink or swim for some and the fact that we no longer have our village around us, family members, to hold us and the baby as we spend time recovering from birth and from pregnancy. Learning how to feed and look after our babies’ needs usually means that our needs are no longer met and the light at the tunnel can seem very distant.

As discussed in the HypnoMothering course, no one said that the tunnel couldn’t have light added to it. So please know you are not alone, the 4th Trimester is a time for reaching out and accepting help.

What I have on offer includes a mixture of support to suit your individual needs.

HypnoMothering workshops are just the best use of 2 and a half hours ever; learn tools and techniques to help you feel calm, relaxed and supported.

If your birth experience wasn’t what you were expecting or hoping for and you are left with it acutely on your mind, the ‘3 Step Rewind’ Birth Trauma Relief therapy may be perfect to help you relieve the flashbacks, anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

If your body needs some physical support, Mizan Therapy is a wonderfully relaxing reproductive system massage to support your healing post-natally. *note, I am not currently taking on new Mizan clients, but can highly recommend some other Mizan . Therapists.

Take a look at the individual links to learn more and book whatever you need.

The Birth Trauma Relief can be booked internationally as online therapy, so we are not limited by our physical distance. Support is worldwide. Video calls make the support so much more accessible.