Note: Group classes are not currently running

Thriving postpartum, post-natal, hypnomothering, Harrogate, YorkshireHypnoMothering – Thriving Postpartum
(while the name is very heteronormative, please know that I have a very inclusive practice)

New parent: If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed; I have a solution to help you.

Pregnant women and parents: If you would like some extra tools in your kit to help you from Day 1 with your new bundle of gorgeousness, as a mum of four, and surrogate mum of 2, I cannot recommend this enough.

HypnoMothering is a 2 and a half hour workshop.
Relaxed and friendly, you’ll leave having practiced some simple and fast techniques to really help on your mothering journey.

  • Learn how to feel rested and refreshed no matter the amount of sleep you’ve managed to grab.
  • Learn how to easily and quickly calm the mind of anxious or negative thoughts.
  • Tune in and feel confident in your intuition.
  • Feel more in control and yet relaxed about your choices and priorities.

pregnant mum harrogate
You will leave with a reference sheet of all that you’ve learned to help you remember to help yourself, a bundle of handouts and a fantastic series of mp3s to continue listing at home, as when you need to.

This is for mums or birthing parent only, so we can make fast shifts and changes.
For those who are breastfeeding or anxious about leaving your baby for two and a half hours, please let me reassure you that you can do this and this will be one of the most useful uses of your time ever.
Dedicating time to yourself will pay dividends when it comes to being there for your baby, your family and your own emotional health. If you can’t do this, there is the option of me doing this one to one with you at home, if your partner can look after the baby and we can work around feeds.

“Honestly, I so wish I knew this was a thing before I had my own babies, but now that I am a mother of teenagers, these tools and techniques are still incredibly handy!”

One to one sessions can be in your own home and are priced at £185 (plus £0.45 per mile if outside of Harrogate). Please contact me to book as this option isn’t available on my online calendar.

Group bookings: £45 per person.

I offer two classes:

1 evening, midweek, for pregnant women. (on demand)

1 Saturday morning for mums after the baby is born. (monthly)
(suitable for those with babies of ANY age. Newborns, Toddlers, Threenagers, Pre-teens… whatever age, the need is there!)

*note, classes are never mixed, as the needs of ante-natal and post-natal are very different, and the class is tailored to this need.

All courses include light refreshments, a set of handouts, to help you remember key points and techniques, and a set of 10 self-hypnosis mp3s to download and use whenever needed.