relationship support after baby

Secondary infertility can be such a lonely journey. 
Unless you have been there, it can be hard for others to understand how already having a child does not make the infertility journey feel any better.

Pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, loss, infertility couples supportNo one should be made to feel like they are ungrateful. Of course, you are grateful for your baby… it doesn’t stop the pain of going through fertility issues.

The Fertile Body Method is a great tool for helping women who know the cause, and also for those who have no idea why it is happening.
The 3 stage Birth Trauma Relief may be helpful if you had any hard experiences in your pregnancy, birth, post-natal days.
There are many different ways that we can work together, in person, or online.

Sessions are relaxing, so that we can ease the stress hormones, clear any potential limiting beliefs, and help you move forward in whichever way is meant to be.

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