Welcome, T&Cs and Contract.
Jay Kelly’s mp3s, meditations, ebooks, theraputic sessions, workshops and courses are created and facilitated by Jay Kelly.
By continuing to browse this website, booking an appointment, buying an mp3, buying an ebook, or signing up and paying for a course or workshop you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

*** Important Download information***
When purchasing an MP3, you will be sent a link to be able to download your recording.
You have a period of 21 days to get your download, and I have allowed up to 7 download attempts so that you can add to your different devices if need be. Once you have clicked the link, there is sometimes a short delay of up 2 minutes for it to connect to the extra storage server.
Once connected it will give you the option to listen. DO NOT DO THIS! I need you to download it, so that you can listen to it repeatedly. So that you download it onto your device.
Look for the download symbol (an underlined downward arrow) and click on that to download to your device.

You have 7 times to attempt this, though it should really only take 1. I have done this to allow for any potential mistakes (I know how tech unsavvy I can be, so I am doing this for people like me!). You have 21 days grace to be able to complete your download. DO REMEMBER TO CLICK THE ADDITIONAL DOWNLOAD IMAGE, SO THAT THE MP3 FILE IS DOWNLOADED TO YOUR COMPUTER FIRST , BECAUSE YOUR ACCESS TO THE ONLINE VERSION IS LIMITED.
Once this time is up, if you haven’t done the download, you will need to re-purchase.
This is done to protect all of the time and work that has gone into creating these products, and for me to keep them at a very low cost.
Please respect the right that this is your purchase for you alone, and you are not permitted to share with other people. As a self-employed lone parent, this is how I run my work and feed my family. Sharing to those who haven’t purchased is in effect stealing or aiding and abetting.
These are my intellectual products that I have created for sale. Thank you for respecting that. It is appreciated.
If you have any other problems, do get in touch. Sometimes I can be rather busy, or if there is technical help needed, my web-lady or my web-hosting family may also be busy, so your patience in rectifying any problems or answering any queries is appreciated.

Intellectual Property
My intellectual property including but not limited to any/all course content, business name, course names, hypnotherapy or guided meditation/self hypnosis scripts, MP3s, e-books, blog posts, vlogs, worksheets, emails and any other work produced by myself (Jay Kelly) or by my company (Baby Alchemy) remain the intellectual property of Jay Kelly and are not to be used or shared (in part or in full) for any other purpose without prior permission from Jay Kelly.
Ebooks, mp3’s, video sessions/courses, vlogs, courses (in person or online), workshop material.
By investing in these you are investing in self-help goods.
It is up to you to find the time to commit to reading/listening/practicing/making changes in order to benefit from them the most.
They are not a replacement for medical help.
No refunds are given once you have invested in them.

You are not permitted to share any of the above, including but not exclusive, ebooks, mp3s, and course material or workshop material with others without prior consent from Jay Kelly.

By purchasing any mp3s from the store, you are made aware that all of the Guided Meditations/Self Hypnosis recordings are just that: Self-Hypnosis. You agree that you will only use the recordings when you are in a safe place to relax. Never when operating machinery, driving or when your full concentration is needed, as these are relaxation aids and can induce trance-like state. Being a self-hypnosis recording, you are made aware that you are fully in control at all times, and can bring yourself back to full awareness whenever you desire to. I am not a medical practitioner, and as always I recommend you seek medical advice from your medical practitioners. Again, I stress that they are not a replacement for Medical Advice, Help and Support. Listening to these recordings, you do so at your own risk, and you take responsibility for your own self-care, as these relaxation aids are just that: self-care tools. Take regularly, like a shower, healthy wholesome food and exercise!

For one to one clients and workshop attendees:
Our Therapeutic Contract

Both you and I have certain rights and responsibilities in our therapeutic relationship.
Your rights as a client:
To be treated with equal consideration and respect regardless of differences such as age, gender, race, religion, beliefs, colour, sexual preferences or economic status. In fact, I really appreciate these differences.
To be accepted for who you are and to be listened to in an inclusive, nonjudgmental and compassionate way. To be provided with professional and respectful care. To have the choice not to follow my guidance or act upon any information I have given.
To be given complete confidentiality.

Your responsibilities as a client:
To be open, honest and willing to share with me information that will enable me to be able to help.
To be open and honest about any reservations or concerns that you have.
To be punctual and turn up for appointments scheduled in. Giving a minimum of 48hours notice of any potential cancellation (Please note I retain the right to charge for missed, cancelled or postponed appointments where I have not been given 48 hours notice of the cancellation or postponement).
To pay all session, course or workshop fees upfront.
To let me know of any changes, physical, emotionally, spiritually, or any relevant situations to what we are working through.
To commit to the process of helping yourself. I can guide, but you have to be willing and motivated for the changes.

My ethos
To inform, empower, and to help women and men find their own power and their choices.
To provide non-judgemental support for my clients as they go through their choices.
To ease suffering in the least painful way. To gently nurture back to balance.
To listen and just be there when that is all that is needed.
To empower and motivate when that little extra support is required.
To provide a service that is as individual as each person is.
To care.

My therapy clients are never pushed into uncomfortable situations or feelings. All situations are handled gently & sensitively; my aim is that NO trauma need be re-felt over and over.

My clients are not given ‘advice’, as there is no ‘right or wrong’ answer to anything, only a different perspective.
You will be encouraged & guided to your own personal success in your own unique way. It is not a replacement for medical care. I am not a medical practitioner.

One to one sessions and fees
-One to Ones are tailored to suit you as an individual.
Current prices depend on what the session involves. Current prices are listed in the fees section, FAQs, and are subject to change. Prices are quoted in £pound sterling – and any other currency is just an estimate.
-Workshop fees vary depending on the duration and location.
-Online course fees vary depending on the content of the course.
-The fee includes not only my time spent preparing for my time with you, the actual time with you, but also goes towards the overheads that I have to keep up – the membership to professional bodies and insurance, my CPD (Continual Professional Development) that I have to do each year, which keeps my skills and practice up-to-date and moving forward, general overheads that all businesses have, for example, tax and National Insurance.
-It is my wish that no one is priced out of help. In the grand scheme of private IVF costs, I feel that I provide a service that is a tiny fraction of that cost.
-If anyone is of means-tested benefits and would like to speak to me about help being more accessible, please do let me know.

Payment and cancellation policies
Payment is to be made prior to the appointment and then the full time is given to your needs, and you are not thinking about remembering to pay at the end. (Feedback from clients has made me decide this is the best way to do it) Packages, courses, workshops are to be paid for in advance.

I have very limited timeslots available each week, so to be fair to other clients, I ask that at least 48 hours notice of cancellation is given if possible. Any less will be charged for at the rate at the time. Time slots cannot be filled at such short notice normally.

Packages paid for upfront have a time limit of a year to be used in, from the date of attending the first appointment.

Please aim to arrive at the allocated appointment time. If you anticipate being late, or find yourself running late, please let me know by calling, leaving a message if I am unable to take your call if I am still with a client. If you are late arriving, I still hope to aim to give you your full allocated time, but it is sometimes the case that another client is due to come straight after you, so I will still need to finish on the planned time in that case.
Please also note that I do not have a waiting room. Often my clients are on Skype and so it may not look like I am working with someone, or I may be updating my notes from their session and preparing for yours, so it’s hugely appreciated if you wouldn’t mind waiting until the time to ring the doorbell!

Confidentiality and Supervision
In order to improve your sessions, I keep notes during and after my appointment. These notes are confidential and stored away securely.
In order to improve and monitor my practice, I reserve the rights to discuss cases with my supervisor. This will be done in a way that protects your identity and your right to confidentiality.