pregnancy test 2ww

Fertility journeys can be a lonely path to walk.
As your online Fertility Doula I support you emotionally along the journey at whatever stage you need, whether it is during the 2 week wait, when your unwanted period arrives, or when you hear others ‘good news’ at any time.

pregnancy test 2ww

What exactly is a Fertility Doula? It is a support, a coach, a therapist, a friend, a listening and understanding ear. Someone to hold space and help you navigate next steps and figure out what choices you have.

I particularly find Meditation, Mindfulness & EFT to be great tools to use during these times, whilst you share where you are in your day/journey. But I can just be a quiet listening ear too.

These sessions are here for you, to have a confidential friend at the other end of Zoom (or phone, if you prefer) during the challenging times.

Can be used alongside Fertility Hypnotherapy or Mizan Therapy with me, or as a stand-alone support.

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