Whether you are looking to improve your fertility naturally, or are looking for support through assisted conception, such as IVF, I have a variety of types of fertility support available for you, so you can find what would suit you best.

Fertility Hypnotherapy
Using powerful and gentle mind-body techniques to support you emotionally, mentally and physically, encouraging calmness, positive mindset and remind your body of the health blueprint.

Fertility Doula/Coach
Sometimes we just need someone to walk the journey alongside us, help us know and understand our choices, to listen at times of worry, to hold space emotionally during the 2-week wait etc.

Fertility Massage
Mizan Therapy is an incredible abdominal massage, working to align the womb, rebalance hormones, and support the reproductive and digestive system. I am currently not working within a clinic with Mizan, but can recommend trusted colleagues.

Male Fertility
Male Fertility factors make up a large proportion of fertility issues, and largely undiscussed and little support offered. Here we spend a little time looking at where some of the blockages could be, and, importantly, dismissing the term ‘male factor infertility’ as I’m not a fan of labelling anyone ‘infertile’, so here we are looking at ways to improve male fertility and sperm production.

conception, pregnancy, lossSupport After Loss
Knowing you aren’t alone may help you somewhat when grieving for the loss of a baby, no matter where in your pregnancy you were.
Some like to debrief and work through some of the traumatic memories.
I have a few favourite therapies to help you, but how we go forward depends on you as an individual. A brief chat will help us figure out the best route forwards.

Secondary Infertility Support
For some unknown reason, secondary infertility can happen to some people. Working with the Fertile Body Method, we can work through some of the potential blocks that may be present.

Life After Termination
I am here for you, with zero judgement.
Whether it was recent or a while back in your past,
I usually recommend the 3 stage rewind technique and EFT for this.
We can work content free if you prefer. Your subconscious mind knows what it’s working on, even if you don’t feel like talking about it. I’m also happy for you to debrief if you feel talking is what you need.

We take it step by step and tailor to what will help you the most.

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