What is Mizan?

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Mizan Therapy

What is Mizan therapy?

I’ve been asked this so many times, and I never tire of talking about it, about wombs, about women’s bodies.

Mizan (sounds like Milan) is essentially an abdominal massage. Focusing on the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen and the lower back. The massage helps to bring a fresh, oxygenated blood supply to the reproductive organs and surrounding tissues, the digestive system, and relieve tension, built-up stress and stored emotions.

Mizan is an incredible therapy for women of all stages in life.

Used by women for balancing their cycles, and bringing them to a regular interval, easing away the cause of PMT, painful cramps, and other unnecessary (common, but not normal) symptoms. So many women have a womb that is tilted or out of balance physically, and this has a knock-on effect on so many of the body’s systems.

Mizan helps bring tonality back to the surrounding tissues and ligaments, to help bring the womb back into its natural alignment.

Amazing during the reproductive years, as it helps whilst conception is the aim (natural and assisted), and also utterly amazing for women on the run-up, going towards, or beyond menopause. Also used for prolapse care, fibroids, PCOS, to name but a few.

Mizan is known to make great shifts in a woman’s health, and reconnecting with your womb is one of the most empowering things you could do for yourself as a woman.

What happens in a treatment?
We begin with a consultation, running through your history, and where you are at now. Unlike a lot of massages, you remain mostly dressed (pants and bra with a top you aren’t precious over is ideal) You are mostly covered by a sheet and some blankets. The massage is from your lower abdomen (from your pubic bone) to your upper abdomen, and then your lower back and sacrum. There is a bit of leg work for lymphatic drainage, as the massage releases toxins stored in your tissues that we want to flow through your lymphatic system, for release.

I do love to combine Mizan with a womb meditation, to help you connect in with your womb again (or your womb space if she is no longer present), though this is usually sent on to you afterwards.

When the massage is over, I teach you the self-care massage, which I encourage you to do yourself at home.

Depending on your reason for coming, we can discuss what else you can do to help yourself further.
I have written an entire post on What to expect at your first Mizan appointment.

Mizan, simply put, is a way to connect to the beauty and power that is within you, by reconnecting you with your womb.

How frequently do you suggest I need Mizan massages?

As a rule, we suggest that you commit to 3 massages, in pretty close proximity, as this helps us to keep the work in check, to hopefully stop the body slipping back to old ways.
For cases such as endometriosis/PCOS/Fibroids/very difficult periods, we have seen our best results from 3 appointments occurring over a 10-day timeframe. Then moving onto fortnightly/monthly.
Combining this with a castor oil pack at home, and self-care massage, we see the best results.
For others, they come back monthly around the middle of their cycle if they aren’t planning on conceiving.

Those preparing for pregnancy, we need to coordinate our diaries to be after your bleed, and before ovulation.

Some people just like a regular monthly massage, for no specific reason, just need some womb TLC for the sake of it are on a 3 monthly plan. Everyone is different.

People often ask how often I have one myself. I aim for monthly, and I am pretty good with my self-care.
Having 4 teenage daughters (my biggest incentive for training… to save myself the money and time!), my aim is to do one a month for them.

I don’t have any particular issues, is Mizan going to benefit me?

I frequently get asked if there is a benefit to having a Mizan massage if your periods aren’t an issue, or post-menopause, and the answer is still yes! 
Mizan is part physical, part emotional, part spiritual. We know that we store our issues in our tissues, and massage really helps release stored tensions and stresses and even unwanted memories, and as a woman we store a huge amount around our abdomen. This is a crucial area, and is barely covered during most massages.
We work from your pubic bone (the ligaments that support your pelvic floor) all the way up to your sternum, working on the solar plexus.
Then over on your back we work on your lower back, and in particular the sacrum region, as again this is a powerhouse storer of “stuff”.
We do a lot of fascia release work and lymphatic system work, helping to move stagnation from the core of your body. This is helpful no matter what age or what is going on in life.

How much is it to have Mizan with you?

For clarity, as a self employed therapist I base my fees on £65 per hour (this helps me to cover room hire, equipment, insurance, compulsory further training, memberships of governing bodies, preparation time, note writing time, washing and drying of towels and blankets, tax, NI, and hopefully some left for wages!

Appointment fee (see the *starred info for those who like the finer details)
First sessions take up to 3 hours, and the fee is £135 (*saving £60 on the hourly rate, basically put 3 hours for the price of 2!)
Subsequent sessions, allow for 75 minutes and cost £65.

Or I offer a highly discounted package for those who book the initial three together £230
(*it costs £230 for 5.5 hours, which is a saving £127.50 on the hourly rate)

Sunsequent sessions can also be bought in a package, saving money on the individually bought sessions.
£150 for 3 subsequent sessions, saving you £45)

I offer these reductions to try to make it more accessible for people to recieve regular treatments.

Are there any extras that I need?

I occasionally have a stock of Mizan Botanicals to purchase (such as castor oil packs, steaming herbs, tinctures or teas), but mostly my clients order directly from them.
You leave with self-care massage instructions and a link to a video, so you can see the visual of self-care again.
And my womb meditation link too.

If you are ready to book now, you can find the available appointment times on my calendar here: https://womensalchemy.as.me/MizanTherapy

You will find on the booking link a few options for packages. Each one saving regular clients money per appointment.