Unravelling assisted conception options

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Unravelling assisted conception options ivf

Unravelling assisted conception options ivf
IVF, ICSI, ED, TTC, 2WW… could go on forever with acronyms.
If you are new to looking at choices regarding infertility then it may be rather daunting right now.
If you’ve been here a while, you probably know as much as me, plus much more. Much more relevant to your individual journey. Sometimes we still need a little help unravelling assisted conception options.

There are so many potential choices, and if you have decided upon which clinic to use, you will hear that consultants’ version of how best to go about achieving a successful pregnancy.
But then head to another clinic you may hear a different approach is a better model. Then another consultant may tell you they only do it this way, which is statistically a better chance.
What I suggest is that you read plenty and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The clinic that you chose to go with is part of your team… and so your decisions should be from fully informed choices.

Many people are led down the ICSI route, who later felt like it was an extra cost that wasn’t necessarily needed, some people feel they were led a merry dance, others are fully happy and felt they were in the best possible hands.
Remember that sometimes the best fertility clinic/consultant/fertility nurse may not be the one that shouts the loudest, or has the best marketing/PR, or sales pitch.

For example, if you have sperm quality reasons for your assisted conception and you decide to use a donor; do you think you’d prefer insemination methods and see what happens, or would you prefer a managed IVF cycle. Different clinics may have very different views on the subject. What does your instinct tell you? Read up and make your own informed decision.

Fresh, fully medicated cycle, or frozen natural cycle? Some people massively fear frozen embryos, but so many have had great success with frozen. Your body may be able to get away with fewer synthetic medicines if going frozen? Less stress in the moment?
Just for clarification, the two surrogate babies I carried were frozen on Day 1, and had been frozen 7 years by the time we conceived the first, and 9 years frozen for the second. Some may have worried that it wasn’t optimum… but it still worked out! Miracles happen every single moment of every single day.

Do you go to Blastocyst or not? Do you want the embryo back safely and snugly in your womb earlier, because despite the fact that embryologists are great at performing this amazing feat…” there is no accounting for the magic that goes on inside your womb” as said by our well experienced IVF nurse.

Read well with a broad mind, don’t believe everything that you hear or see, remember that everyone’s journeys are individual. Your body, your choices.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of your treatment, don’t just put up… don’t be afraid to speak up.