‘Think yourself fertile’ versus ‘TTC’

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Think yourself fertile rather than TTC
Think yourself fertile Vs TTC – the power of mind-body medicine

Are the three little letters TTC all consuming?

Whether you are hoping to conceive naturally, or are having assisted conception, Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can really help support you.

For someone who is going through the stresses of IVF, Hypnotherapy can be the saving grace when it comes to raised anxieties.

EFT is amazing for the fear releasing of the “what ifs” and limiting beliefs when you feel like there is such a lot riding on each treatment or cycle.

For those who are hoping to conceive naturally, one of the biggest things that I have come across with clients is that the drive and determination to become pregnant turns into an all engulfing emotion, and love making turns into a chore, periods arrive and bring with it feelings of depression or lost hope, and life loses it’s fun, and babies fill your thoughts, your vision, your everything. Does this sound like you?

We’ve heard the stories of people saying that once they stopped trying, it just happened…

I’d truly like you to stop trying, and yet I appreciate how odd that sounds, not to mention how right now it may feel impossible.

If I said to you to stop thinking about a pink elephant. No, really stop thinking about a pink elephant. Seriously, stop.

I know it’s an incredibly difficult thing to do.

So when I say to you again to stop “trying” for a baby, you will no doubt laugh at me (or want to scream at me) but I do believe it is a big factor.

If John Bloggs says these two sentences, which one are you liable to have most faith in?

“I HAVE stopped smoking.” or “I am TRYING to stop smoking.”

“Trying” implies failing in most of our minds.

Here I come to the fact that our minds control our bodies… and not always for the better!

Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind (the all thinking and less powerful mind) and goes straight to the subconscious – the master computer, the keeper of all of the information that you have once taken in… and as I like to think of it, The Control Room! Old habits and beliefs can be left behind and new beliefs, new habits, and our bodies ability to heal tapped into.

Back to the “stop trying” part.

What if your initial goal wasn’t to have a baby or to fall pregnant?

What if your goal was to create the optimum fertile body that you should naturally have?

Using the unbelievable power of your mind, alongside changes in your eating, drinking and sleeping patterns, you can change your focus to creating the rich fertile ground, and rekindle your relationship to being a loving couple… therefore letting things just happen.

I know this sounds challenging when given in words such as these, but when given as suggestions and visualisations in hypnosis or guided meditations it all truly makes sense.

This also applies to men with regards to quality and quantity of the sperm.

No matter what the cause is for infertility, creating a rich fertile ground for implantation is crucial. This is done in a few ways. Regaining control over your mind, remembering that your mind controls your body, making lifestyle changes such as alkalising and nurturing foods, relieving stress and anxieties, restorative sleep, to name a few.