A 7 week online program, guided by Jay Kelly.

Soul Babies.
Do you have a baby that you long for?
Whether it is the first or a subsequent baby, when meeting your baby in the flesh doesn’t happen so easily, it can be the most heartbreaking things for people/couples to go through.

Working with women and men for many years in the field of fertility, and despite all the different options available to help us conceive or potential reasons for such high rates of infertility, it is still shocking to know how long couples try, and how many thousands upon thousands of pounds, euros, dollars are thrown at the ‘fertility business’ each attempt. People keep going, because they are driven to. They can feel their baby in their hearts long before it is even conceived.

This 7 week program is based online, so that I can reach you wherever you are based. I send you information, MP3s, video links, worksheets and ebooks to your inbox, to work though at your own convenience, but best covered in the correct order.

We use all manner of techniques to clear blockages, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. You can dip in and out if you need to for reasons such as holidays, but it is good to keep doing week by week.

Drop me a message now to register your interest in this course. Fee is £195 all course material is yours to keep and reuse. There is the added bonus of the online support group via facebook, so you link in with others who are going through their journeys with the same positive mindset.