Save the midwife

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#savethemidwife campaign. Disappointed that we need it… but so lovely seeing all of the wonderful pregnancy and birth pictures supporting it.

To very briefly explain my personal story for the backing of it, here are the two pictures I’ve posted so far, and the words that I shared on my Facebook page.

“Having one to one care with an Independent Midwife that took the time to get to know me and my surrogate baby’s mum and dad was invaluable. She knew our story, she knew why we were doing it. She became part of our journey from 8 weeks pregnant until current day (1st surrogate baby is now 3).
Our second surrobaby pregnancy was very different as we were with the NHS midwives. As lovely as my “assigned” midwife was, I barely saw her. Against her own desire, there was no continuity of care. We had to face a new midwife at most appointments. Precious time was spent re-telling our story/situation, that should have been spent taking care of me and the baby.
After surrobaby number one was born, my Independent Midwife continued to care for me, emotionally and physically for over 6 weeks.
After the 2nd surrogate baby I was seen 3 times, despite having complications. Seen by different midwives.
This is not ok. This is not adequate care.
This is not what most midwives want either.
If you care, speak up.
What did your midwife mean to you?”