Mother Earth. Father Sun. Moon…?

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Mother Earth, Father Sun, Moon what?

First of all, some may wonder who am I to be telling you ‘how it is’.

I’m not. I’m sharing how I feel it is. How ‘I’ see it.
How another sees it is their well earned point of view.
Second thing I’d like to clear up is that I do not worship anything. Not even Mother Earth, the planet which I am surviving on!
I don’t worship any gods, any stars or planets.
I just am.
And I fully appreciate. Living with gratitude.

Oh beautiful moom

Now I’ve cleared that up I’ll carry on with my thoughts on the whole Mother Earth, Father Sun, Moon story.
I have gathered my thoughts over the years as I’ve pondered over the fact that most people refer to Earth as female. As mother.
She is the fundamental provider whilst we live on this planet. Our human existence relies on Earth’s bounties. We are nurtured by what is grown on the planet, and we are protected by the ‘loving arms’ of the atmosphere around us. (No-one has floated off yet, no?) So, in that brief sense, she’s rightly referred to as mother. We grow like fungus or bacteria or a parasite or cancer (depending on people’s views) on her bountiful roundness.

Then there’s the Sun. Without the Sun we are doomed. With the Sun we are potentially doomed. We need to keep on the good side of the Sun. Let’s appreciate what it provides us with. Even if it’s there, in the background, and we avoid it’s existence, we are not doing ourselves any favours. Vitamin D deficiencies are rife in humans right now, as we spend too much time tucked away in buildings and vehicles.

So it makes sense that Mother Earth and Father Sun are appreciated for the very fact that we rely on them for our human existence.

So, Moon, this is what I was getting to. Where does that leave the Moon. We know that the Moon affects the planet massively. It moves oceans on a daily bases. It affects our moods, despite frequent denial from some humans… I think we all know masses of lunatics!
I’ve not looked into the factual aspect of this, but I remember reading in several places about crime rates increasing during the period of the Full Moon. Talking of periods, when a woman is hormonally balanced, her cycles naturally sync to the Moon cycles. Ovulation and menstruation fits in with New Moon and Full Moon.
Where does that leave her? Him? It?
My feeling is that she’s gender neutral, sometimes feeling more male, other times more female, other times neither or both, or who knows!
So I shall refer to her as a her. More like a sister or a grandmother was my next thought?
I feel a matriarchal grandmother figure fits best. Like a governing body. Again nurturing us is the priority, but sometimes with harsh undertones. Allowing us to face lessons to learn from. Making us confront our fears or problems. Encouraging us to release, then renew.

These are my thoughts. They aren’t an absolute science or religion. They aren’t the be all and end all, as it is healthy that we each have our own beliefs and path in our chosen lives.

My ending comment is a ‘must do’ statement though!
Sunbathe, Moonbathe and Earthbathe. Even if only 5-10 minutes per day, and see what changes happen. Maybe you’ll feel a subtle change in your body and mindset. Maybe you’ll feel huge shifts in your ability to balance life in an unbalanced society.
I’m not suggesting you spend the time Moon/Sun/Earth-bathing from a worship point of view, but from a ‘budding life’ on the planet perspective… take (with appreciation and gratitude) all that these life supporting objects, that are floating around the Universe in perfect unity, have to offer you.