7 sessions as a group, spread over 3 months.

Numbers limited to 7 people per series of workshops.

Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Who is this workshop suitable for?
Although I support women through assisted conception, this particular series of workshops is aimed at those who are looking to conceive naturally. Whether you have been trying for a while, or are just embarking on starting a family, and want to get to know your body better, then this is the course to support you through your conception journey.

What tools do we use?
Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT (tapping) and looking at dietary tweaks.

Visualisation and Mindfulness are wonderful self help tools. Although this course is focused on fertility, these are tools that you can use in all aspects of life.

How long is the course over?
Though we are covering the course of workshops over 7 weekly sessions, it is spread over a 3 month period, so we meet at different times in your cycle.

How many people are on each workshop?
Numbers are limited to only 7 women. Keeping it small, for better quality sessions for you all.

How do hypnosis and mind-body energy therapies help?
“In terms of neurological processing abilities, the unconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. If the desires of the conscious mind conflict with the unconscious, the unconscious mind will dominate.” Lipton 2005

Hence the need to clear any possible limiting beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT are incredibly powerful tools to dissolve any unwanted beliefs, known or not.

Although we can’t always change potential stressors in life, we can change how we react to it, therefore, how it effects us.
Overview of the 3 months:

Week 1:
10am – 2pm, with a short break for a light lunch. (Please bring a packed lunch, so we can nibble whilst chatting, and make best use of the time.)
Debriefing fertility history.
Resolving emotional or physical blocks.
Looking at the mind-body connection and how to use it for health and well-being.
Learning new tools and skills for stress management.
The science behind the placebo effect, and how to use it for inner change.
Looking at some basic dietary needs for a fertile body.
Outcome and goal setting.

Week 2:
10am – 12noon.
Revisiting anything that has come up over the week, tapping into the subconscious and using mind-body healing to facilitate inner change (mental, physical or emotional).
Looking at Natural Family Planning – tracking your personal cycle and getting to know your body’s rhythm, and how to work with it.

Week  3:
10am – 12noon
The focus this week is on visualisations for your fertile body and creating the pregnancy you desire.

Week 4 (fortnight after last workshop):
10am – 12noon
Checking in on your cycle.
Looking at what has changed, whether emotional or physical.
Visualising creating and establishing the pregnancy.
Clearing any blocks if anything has popped up over the last cycle.

Week 5 (fortnight after last workshop):
10am – 12noon
Visualising the end goal, baby safely snuggled in your arms, releasing any blocks.
Checking in on cycle and emotional health.

Week 6 (three weeks after last workshop):
10am – 12noon
W e meet at different times of your cycles for ongoing emotional support and visualisations depending on where you are in your cycle.
Debriefing of the last few weeks, followed by hypnotherapy visualisations and EFT.
relaxation sessions.
The workshop content depends on what has happened through the last few weeks.

Week 7 (three weeks after last workshop):
10am – 12noon
Again, a lot depends on what has happened over the last few weeks, and we will assess what you need out of this last session.
I will definitely be bringing some ‘healthy’ cake!

I suggest choosing a nice notebook (private – just for you). Keeping a journal of what has changed and feelings. The term “better out than in” includes all of those thoughts and emotions.

I will give you a tapping sheet and some tapping scripts to help guide you through the weeks, and also a couple of MP3 hypnotherapy visualisation/meditations for fear and anxiety releasing and also for achieving a healthy fertile body.

What is the investment for this workshop?
The cost of this series of workshops is £395.
A tiny fraction of the cost of going to an assisted conception unit, or the amount that most people spend on their wedding day!
This is a long-term investment for you.

1 in 6 couples have fertility issues, and 1/3rd of those are labelled as “unexplained”. The mind-body connection is a crucial part of everyone’s health and not to be undervalued.

For the gents out there in the other 1/3rd category of reasons for infertility, I can run a gents workshop alongside the women’s, if there is enough call for it.