How sperm works

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How sperm works

How sperm works
This subject is an entire breezeblock of book, not just a few paragraphs, but I thought a brief overview is worthwhile.

So we know that we need millions of sperm, all strong swimmers, with stamina and all swimming in the correct direction. The millions and millions of sperm need to be deposited in a potentially hostile environment, cover a relatively huge distance.

In an attempt to find an equivalent, I have scoured the wilderingwonderweb for some reliable information.

Some of my findings:
They travel at approximately 5mm per hour; sperm move faster under microgravity conditions.
They cover a distance the equivalent of flying from Earth to the moon; The equivalent of walking from London to Glasgow in a week; The equivalent of an adult human swimming the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Tahiti.
Drinking coffee makes them speedier; drinking coffee makes them poor quality; drinking coffee has no effect.
They make their way from the cervix, passing through the uterus (if no egg is waiting for them already) and make their way up the fallopian tubes, to meet their date, and start the process of diving and conquering as they make their way back to the uterus as “one”; The journey from the cervix to the fallopian tubes is approximately 4 inches.

Now to “useful info”.

Frequent ejaculation is important for healthy sperm.
Sperm have a shelf life. They also have a quick turn-around. This is great news for men as it means that lifestyle changes only take about 3 months to have a real difference to the quality.
So, if you have been given the news that your sperm is not at its best, rather than feeling downhearted, take great joy in the fact that you and your sperm have a super power… you can transform them with a few tweaks!

Once they have covered the mammoth journey, having lost millions of their cavalry on the way, then as they reach the egg one special sperm alone can fuse with the egg.

If you are well read on the subject, then you will be aware that it is pretty miraculous that conception even occurs.

After the incredible production line in the body, the journey outbound resembles one of the twisty, loop the loop, bendy straws (explained more eloquently on
If the party comrades are lucky they will find themselves in a vagina, they then start their journey forwards (how they/we know what is forward is in that breezeblock book). They do quite a trek to find the elusive egg.
*Note. The female egg only lives for 12 to 24 hours, so it could well be handy to have some sperm waiting in place, superman sperm can live up to around 5 days, feel free to add some more as you go along)

Sperm meets egg, and if another bundle of miracles happen, you’ll be blessed with a fun little bundle in a little over 9 months.

That’s the story with healthy eggs, ph and friendly vaginal environment, and millions upon millions of sperm.
So what happens if you have low numbers of sperm, poor mobility or unfavourable morphology… don’t despair. It isn’t ideal, but it does only require one champion, one survivor. In a book I am writing about soul babies, I share a story from a gent with an apparent (long-term) very very very low sperm count, with and swimming dizzily in circles for an hour or so before flagging. He has two fantastic sons that just appeared as if by magic. Both naturally conceived.
Miracles happen all of the time.
Do not despair. Keep the hope… and get the Superman powers on the go by following some easy lifestyle changes to create SuperSperm… and use mind-body therapies to shift any mental or emotional blocks.

On a side note, women are simply amazing. Within her vagina, just by the cervix, your awaiting sperm will be given a little ‘room’ to wait. Whilst in these little crypts, the cervical fluid has some sort of magical power and sorts the good sperm from the poorer specimens, and they nourish and feed the good-uns until the signal that the egg is released has been heard.
Wonderful, wonderful bodies.