Fear releasing “what ifs….” etc.

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Fear releasing what ifs
The yearning for a baby is such a strong thing, and the fear of it never working out can be huge.

I want to refer you to the ebook that I created called The Little Book of Hope here, because I want you to keep the hope alive.

Recently I was talking of doom and gloom about a political issue to my daughter, and I said “there is so little hope.”  And she quickly put me in my place telling me that I was talking nonsense, as hope isn’t an object, that is missing. Hope is a state of being. It is a feeling. We can always have hope, even if we need a reminder about how to keep hope alive.

The reason for me sharing that little story is that even as a therapist and 99% full time optimist, I see self help stuff as like personal care. You don’t just shower once and be done with it. You end up stinking that way. You do it, it does its job, and as long as you repeat this, all is well.
I believe that sometimes, especially when you are dealing with big emotive situations, such as infertility, positive thinking is like the shower.
You don’t just do it once.
Hence writing The Little Book of Hope. Treat it like your daily shower. Do something positive from it each day… and keep the hope alive.
Rid of the fears of what if with self hypnosis recordings, tapping away the intensity of fears, clear away limiting beliefs, boost yourself with positive and believable affirmations.

Keep hope alive, bright and strong.