Emotional Bank Account

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Doula North Yorkshire Jay Kelly

How many of us are overdrawn, emotionally, physically, mentally?

This is a technique that I first started using when I joined the Fertile Body Method training about 6 years ago! And something I have used since.

It’s really quite simple, and for those who are very left brained you can make this super list worthy if you like!
Even if you aren’t a left-brainer, keeping a log is a helpful idea. If you currently journal, or chart your cycles, this would good to add onto it. Find some way of logging this.

Doula North Yorkshire Jay Kelly

So, each day we spend from our reserves, some days just getting out of bed can withdraw quite a chunk, especially on these British winter mornings.
Others could be:
Running around after family members
Going to work
Phone calls with the mother/in-law/bank manager – delete as appropriate)
The commute to work
Food shopping
The huge mental list in your head
Exercise (which I must add, equally can have the opposite effect, depending on a few factors)

Signs that you are living in your overdraft:
Run down
Fatigued… and more

For some people there are some factors that with some thought and effort that we can change. For some there may not be many factors that can be changed, so we need to take care of this from a different perspective.

You need some more Deposits!
Good nourishing food
Getting enough sleep
Taking a walk in the woods (or just outside!)
Having a bath
Talking to someone you love
Swimming (or any other exercise that you really love)
Making love
Stroking your pets
Breath work
Massage… this list can go on too!

If you can take a daily look at your Withdrawals and your Deposits, do they balance out?
You could give them a numerical value if you work best that way.

The reason why I emphasise this is because when your emotional health is being neglected, then it has an effect on your physical health too, and affects more than just your fertility.

So if your Emotional Bank Account is out of balance, you really need to get it in check!