Overcoming blockages whilst deciding how to deal with fertility issues

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Overcoming blockages whilst deciding how to deal with fertility issues.
overcoming blockages when going through infertility
It can feel like such an overwhelming time when deciding what to do. Heart and head may have different thoughts.
Too many pros and cons in all different directions. The impacts of decisions can feel too heavy to even think about.

Your potential choices are obviously going to depend on where you are currently standing.

Boosting fertility naturally?
IVF? IVF with donor? Tandem IVF? In the UK? Abroad?
Donor eggs? Sperm? Embryo?
Fresh cycles? Frozen cycles? Days to freeze/ transfer?
Surrogacy? Adoption?
Give up? Keep going? Accept life without a child? Do everything within your power?
Borrow  money, time, energy?

Putting all of that together, I am overwhelmed just writing the list.
I’m throwing these thoughts out there not knowing your individual circumstances. Only you can make the decisions. You and your partner.

Breathe and calm yourself before thinking any more about your choices.

Try some anxiety and fear releasing EFT. Stop and listen to some guided meditations or self hypnosis for releasing stress and worries.

Whatever your decision or lack of, there will be something to help you support you on your way.

I once facilitated an Infertility Support group for a while, as I thought it would be a great help to my existing clients to have peer support. It had the opposite effect at that time though, as the majority of my clients are pro-active in their positivity. Even going through IVF, they have this graceful way of holding themselves in this beautiful mindset filled with hope. The group felt too sad for them. Too much focus on loss, pain, blame, helplessness.
Women who were successful in conception felt too guilty to celebrate their happiness and joy for the fear of emphasising the gaping gap felt by others… all this in mind, I ceased facilitating the ‘Infertility Support Group’ and now only run the Fertility Support Workshops.
I want to empower women to take control of their body and any treatments that they receive. To help them feel heard and in control. To help them see the journey in a positive light. It’s not just about the outcome.
The journey to the outcome is a much nicer one when you can keep a positive mindset.