Fertility Confidante, online support

All appointments are online appointments: internationally via Zoom.

Luna Treatment Rooms, 1st floor,
York House, 10 Haywra Street,
North Yorkshire.

We are 5 minutes walk away from Harrogate bus station and train station.
If you drive in, it is important to note that there is no parking outside. It is a residents permit or 10-minute disc zone.

However, we are surrounded by places to park within a few minutes walk.
These include Park View Car Park (or 3-hour on-street disc zone) and Victoria Gardens multi-story carpark.

We do not have a waiting room, so please arrive for your appointment time, press the buzzer button for Luna Treatment Rooms and I will buzz you in. Come on up the stairs and I will meet you.

If necessary for one to one appointments I can come to you, but we need to discuss before booking, as it will be a different day to my usual clinic days.

In the event of you being late, you will have my phone number in your booking confirmation email.

Late appointments still need to run to the original finish time, due to subsequent appointments after yours.
Unfortunately, most late appointments are because parking details have been missed; people arrive outside to find there is no suitable parking! So I hope you don’t mind me emphasising the need to use car parks!