Healthy & energetic self-hypnosis


Self-hypnosis for those needing a helping hand to recover from disease, chronic fatigue and anything that is physically draining you.

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Healthy & energetic meditation and self-hypnosis recording.

This was first created for Jay’s daughter, to help her heal from the issues that developed from Lyme Disease.
Chronic Fatigue, muscle tiredness, anxiety, brain fog, and general ill health.

All we can say is that there has been a huge improvement in energy and her general health since listening to this recording most nights as her daughter falls asleep at night time.

The aim is to trigger your body’s innate ability to self-heal.

Listen as you are ready to fall asleep, and allow your body to renew and regenerate as you thoroughly rest.

30.03 minutes long.
The download* is yours to keep.

* Please ensure that you properly download once the product has been sent through, then it is on your device to re-listen to as and when you need to with the software that your individual mobile device uses.

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