Fertility affirmation cards


Pack of 20 positive and uplifting affirmation cards for preparing for pregnancy, whether naturally or assisted.

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These colourful and positive messages make great cards to use around your space, or during quiet mindful time.

Some of the cards have simple and discreet messages, to make them suitable to keep in a workplace or stuck to the fridge door, and some are more insightful and deep.
They are all along the positive mindset angle.
Beautiful to look at. Lovely words to take in.

Use as bookmarks, place on your bedroom mirror, just sift through them. Enjoy using these cards daily.

Written and designed by Jay Kelly, who herself has been through natural conception as well as Assisted Conception.
These cards are suitable for those hoping to become pregnant naturally as well as those going through IVF.

These cards arrive in an organza bag, to encourage you to keep them out and really use them around your space.