Amethyst Blessingway Bead


Amethyst Blessingway bead in an organza bag, information leaflet enclosed in the bag.

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This beautiful crystal is very popular as a protective and stabilising energy. Used to release fear, tension and pain. Amethyst is a great stone for helping a birthing woman feel connected with the divine.

One bead supplied in each bag. Size is approximately 7mm and the actual colour, shape and size varies. All of these crystals are genuine gemstones. They come cleansed and charged in the moonlight.

What is a blessingway?

A blessingway is a more spiritual version of a babyshower. Rather than playing ‘Guess what is in the nappy’ games, Blessingways are about women coming together and nurturing the mother.
If every lady who attends brings a bead, a necklace or bracelet can be made with the beads in place. So a little bit of each person can be left with the mama, and worn to remind her that she is not alone, and that she is thought about and supported through her birth.

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